Support Our School: S.O.S.

Created in support of the students, faculty, staff and administration of the Wilson Central School District in Wilson, NY

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SOS: Support Our School is an organization of community members, parents, taxpayers and teachers who strive to be a visible and proactive outreach group, ready and willing to offer the Wilson Central School District its support whenever needed. SOS's top priority is to offer its support to the school and its students while they focus on their future. By becoming a member of SOS, you are pledging your support to the Wilson Central School District and thereby the surrounding communities, and becoming an active participant in maintaining a safe and successful atmosphere both inside and outside the school walls. You will receive information about school activities through a weekly email, and be asked to proactively demonstrate your support of WCS by possibly attending Board of Education meetings, participating in positive letter-writing campaigns and more. WCS has always been the heart of the community, and it's much more than a stationary building that we pass by everyday. It is an ever-evolving collection of over 1100 students and 160+ adults who learn, teach, communicate, compromise, challenge and forgive one another on a daily basis, while still striving to achieve common goals together. WCS has always been more like a family than a school, and SOS hopes to help provide the best possible environment for all members of our family.

Members of the Executive Council include: Maryanna Bull, Marge Clark, Laura Farmer, Bobby Hartz, Maureen Mahar, Jamie Moxham, Don Palacios, Elaine Schlosser, Kevin Seeley and Meg Thompson.

This page last updated September 13, 2015