Support Our School: S.O.S.

Created in support of the students, faculty, staff and administration of the Wilson Central School District in Wilson, NY

Ways to Show Your Support

What can you do to show your support?

• Become a member of SOS. By contacting us, you will be added to the SOS membership, and will receive email updates regarding student news, important school meeting dates and activities. Please supply your full name, mailing address, phone number and email address to [email protected] or use the Become a Member link.

• Spread the word. Approach your friends and family and urge them to join SOS. Let others know that the school can always benefit from active and visible support.

• Wear a Badge. SOS window clings are available to all members. By attaching them to your car window, you will be a visible symbol of support for the school wherever you go. 

• Raise your voice. Use the form letter provided on this website and personalize it with specific details about how WCS has benefited you, your family, your friends or neighbors. Mail it to the WCS Board of Education, care of Dr. Michael S. Wendt, 374-380 Lake Street, PO Box 648, Wilson, NY  14172 or email it to: [email protected] Board members are: Mr.George Waters (president), Mr. Frank Cipolla (vice-president), Mr. Chris Carlin, Ms. Linda Hurley, Mrs. Patty Munnikhuysen, Mrs. Amy Phillips and Mr. Mark Randall.

• Contact the media. Call in to radio talk shows, write letters to the editor, call newspaper reporters with your point of view, blog optimistically about WCS, and seek out opportunities to shine a positive light on the students and community of Wilson. Use the Contacts link to spread positive news!

• Use your influence. Public officials are influenced by the voices of their constituency. Contact your state senators, congressmen and town officials and make them aware of all the great things happening in Wilson, and promote the achievements made by our students. Use the Contacts link to find information on your local government representatives.